Know What Are The Basic Care Of Your Pets

All pets have different cares, depending on the type of animal it is and its breed.

Whether it is a dog, cat, iguana, hamster or fish, each one needs different attention, so it is good to always consult with a veterinarian.

Animals are often kept as domestic companions.

The best way to keep pets healthy is to consistently meet their wellness needs.

Animal welfare groups use the following checklist to judge whether an animal is as happy and healthy as possible. Your pet must be:

– Free from hunger and thirst.
– Free from discomfort.
– Free from pain, injury and illness.
– Free from fear and pain.
– Free to express normal behavior.

This final point means that we must understand our pets’ behavioral needs and give them the opportunity to express them.

Here are some basic precautions that we must bear in mind:

– Respect and affection : pets are not toys or objects. They are beings that feel and suffer. Before acquiring a pet, think about whether you can take care of it throughout its life.
– Protection: give it a safe place to shelter from heat and cold.
– Food: give him a daily, healthy and balanced diet (croquettes). You should always have fresh, clean water. Wash your dishes daily.
– Cleaning:you should keep it clean, flea and tick free. You should bathe your dog every 15 days with special soap and cats need to be brushed to remove dust and loose hair. Also keep the area where it lives clean.
– Health: take your dog or cat to the doctor when you see that it does not act normal. Keep your vaccination and deworming chart always up to date.

Do not give him home remedies or human medicine.

– Sterilization:as a society, we have the responsibility that pets have a real chance of finding a home with responsible people, capable of giving them a decent life; It is precisely for this reason that we must avoid the birth of those unwanted, who will otherwise end up being sacrificed, mistreated or abandoned. Take your pet to be sterilized.
– Exercise: dogs and cats need exercise. This helps waste energy and do less damage. Take your dog for walks on a leash daily.
– Training:cats and dogs can learn if we educate them with love, perseverance and patience. Rewarded actions repeat them: give them a reward or kind words when they do something good. Give them a suitable toy to keep them busy when they are alone.
– Identification: all pets must carry an identification plate with their name and telephone number of their owner, this simple action can save their life.…