There is no single method to prevent fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other parasites . Our recommendation is to use the product that best suits your pet’s particular situation or need. Depending on where you live (outside or inside), if you live with other animals and the habits of the animal greatly influence the choice.

There is a wide range of these products on the market, very effective and safe. The use of one or a combination of several is always recommended for the most effective protection.


This question is very important, since many new owners do not know the needs of their new companions and can act negatively causing disorders and health problems in their puppies. Currently we know very precisely the nutritional needs of dogs, cats and exotic animals in the different stages of their lives, therefore, pet food manufacturers offer very balanced and high quality products, following the guidelines of nutrition experts.

We can find a multitude of foods of different qualities and prices in very varied formats and with formulas both in feed and in wet, which are adapted to the stages of growth, maintenance of adults, senior animals and special diets for different conditions or diseases. We must consult with professionals who recommend and report properly.

Home-style eating is increasingly in decline because it involves work and effort and tends to cause nutritional deficits. In addition, feeding with remains and offal is totally discouraged due to the risks it poses for our pet’s digestive and general health.


Many owners who come to the clinic ask us about sterilization and its procedure very frequently. There are many advantages and some disadvantages.

In the case of cats, this procedure is widely recognized in both males and females, to avoid, above all, the problem of annoying behavior that they originate when entering heat, urinary marking and unwanted litters. In addition, it is important to know that the incidence of mammary and reproductive tumors decreases considerably, the animals become more sociable and have a longer life span. On the other hand, the risk of obesity is higher and the risks inherent to the surgery itself, which are minimal.

In dogs, these procedures are increasingly widespread thanks to the information and interest that owners have in improving the quality of life of their pets, and reducing problems related to reproduction, and behaviors: mammary or testicular tumors, unwanted litters , abandonments, aggressiveness, uterine infections, delivery problems, vagrancy and losses.

Remember that it is a cliché to think that it is an advantage for the female to have at least one litter for her health.


Not only is it necessary and advisable to vaccinate our pets , it is also mandatory by law to vaccinate against rabies. But above all it is essential in order to ensure the prevention of serious and sometimes fatal diseases that they may suffer throughout their lives.

Vaccination programs are varied but they must be established individually according to age, health conditions, environmental situations, risk factors, endemic diseases etc … In this way we will achieve adequate immunity at each stage of the animal’s life. The start of vaccination is between six weeks and six months. Subsequently, it is advisable to revaccinate periodically annually, biannually, etc.


Excessive hair loss or compulsive scratching of your pet are situations that cause annoyance to owners: dirty floors, the sound of scratching at night, restlessness and injuries to the pet’s skin, etc. If your dog or cat scratches more frequently than normal, compulsively and lesions appear on the skin, we must know the cause that may be behind itching because it may have an abnormal origin: parasites, allergies, infections and other diseases of different nature.

Our pets shed their hair twice a year, normally in spring and fall. It is advisable to brush as often as possible at the time of change, with the appropriate utensils depending on whether you have long or short layers. The health and appearance of the hair is closely related to the quality of the food we provide to our pets